Mobile Equipment Inspection System.  

OSHA says that mobile equipment must be inspected before use and the information recorded.  I have developed systems to help record and track that information. 

What you will recieve.

I will create the website using an Internet Service Provider.

I will buy an agreed upon domain name for the website.

I will provide 4 hours training for an intitial group of local Administrators for the site.

Full documentation and management of the data within the website.

  • Add and Modify and Unlimited Number Users

  • User access is controlled by role assigned locally.         

  • Add and Modify and Unlimited Number Mobile Equipment

  •  Add and Modify and Unlimited Number Inspection Points

  • Add and Modify and Unlimited Number Departments

  • Detailed searching of inspection records and exporting of data to excel.


  • This system replace a simple paper system.

  •  Users are assigned a login name and Department.

  •  Each Mobile Equipment is assigned to a Department. 

  • All Equipment uses the same inspection points.

Silver   Includes Bronze features plus:

  • Pictures for each inspection point.

  • Each User has to be Certified to inspect mobile equipment, with a Certification expiration date.

  • Certification Expiration dates are tracked and available as a report that can be exported to Excel.

Gold   Includes Silver features plus:

  • Inspections can be emailed.  Each Department can customize when or if an email is sent as the user records an inspection.

  • Certification Expiration information can be emailed.  Each Department can customize how certifcations are sent.

  • Reports can be emailed as well as exported to Excel.

Platinum   (Being Developed) Includes Gold features plus:

  • Each Mobile Equipment has unique inspection points.  (Could be used to inspect equipment other than Mobile.)

  • Can be configured to require Bar Code Scanning at each step of the inspection process including Login.